About Me

My ultimate goal as a game developer and game programmer is to create content that players truly enjoy. Ideally, I want to work with AI and Gameplay programming, for example waypoint systems, projectiles, setting up enemy base and child scripts, etc. I am also very interested in audio implementation, as well as creating re-usable systems for game designers. I don’t mind trying other aspects of game programming as well, maybe what I enjoy the most is something I haven’t explored yet? I’m up for finding out!

As a student at Futuregames, I have learnt something important every step of the way, whether through smaller solo assignments, medium programming team assignments, or bigger cross-discipline game projects. I enjoy the social aspect of working on a team and I do my best to bring something positive to the table; through high quality work, adaptability to the needs of my team and through cheering on my team members to keep everyone’s spirits up.

I’d be the first to admit that when entering Futuregames, I might not have been as as experienced as many of my peers but what I lacked in experience I have made up for in ambition. Getting through the courses at an even pace with my classmates while being a full time parent alongside my full time studies, especially through the pandemic chaos, should hopefully show you that I have the potential to grow into a very valuable member of your team

Give me a chance and let’s reach our goals together!

My Journey

I started my game programming journey back in 2017. As I assume everyone else in the industry also does, I’ve always loved games. However, I never knew that I was capable of creating them myself. I always loved the idea of working for a game company in some way but I just thought it was something unattainable that only people who were innately talented could do.

During our time living in Korea, my 
husband started studying programming at a six month intensive course. While that course wasn’t focused on game programming, it got us thinking about our future and what careers we would both want. We had our hopes set on game programming but still didn’t know if it was just a dream or if it was actually something attainable.

Once we made our decision to become programmers, we first moved back to Sweden upon my husband’s course completion in Korea. I then needed to catch up in programming base knowledge and started by taking a course in Programming 1 at Komvux. As the final project in that course, I decided to make my own text based game in CMD where the player got to explore a dungeon by making choices and randomizing numbers (“throwing a dice”) when battling monsters, solving puzzles and finding password clues in order to progress through the dungeon.

(Feel free to peek at it on my itch.io page:
Jonico’s Dungeon Adventure)

With that game, I was very happy to get high marks in my course and I later used code examples of my battle system there to apply to Futuregames. Both me and my husband were very thankful when we got accepted to Futuregames as game programmers. Our unachievable goal suddenly became the life we were living, as we started developing games and systems through our courses.

Me, my family, my games

As you can tell by my portfolio title, my name is Josefin de la Motte. I’m really excited to (virtually, indirectly) meet you!

Currently on my 9th year of being 25 years old (feel free not to do the math), I am the mother of an amazing future genius who is currently on her 1st year of being two years old! I am also married to current genius (he hates when I call him that) Gwangyeong Yun who is also studying in the same class as me at Futuregames. Feel free to check out his portfolio by clicking his name!

I originally come from Lund in Sweden but have also lived in Japan, Korea and Stockholm. Two of them for studies and one for love, I’ll leave it to you to figure out which for which. Subsequently, I speak English, Swedish, Intermediate Japanese and Overwatch-Korean (I can’t discuss anything substantial with you in Korean, but we can play Overwatch together on the KR servers… Go go!).

The very first time I played a video game was when I was around six years old and my older brother bought me a NES (Nintendo 8-bit) with Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt. Consequently, my first gamer rage experience was at the same age while trying to make that darn jump on lvl 8-1… Needless to say, I can now speed run the game, at least until that level. (Yes, I can do the jump now. Don’t worry!) Other NES games I ended up with were Solstice and Punch Out.

The NES and a Gameboy Original were my only companions until I was 12 when I finally got my Playstation that I had wanted for years! (The same year PS2 came out… I didn’t get That for another X years.) My first game for my Playstation was Legend of Legaia, which until today still is the #1 game in my heart.

Never having played an RPG before, I did not actually own a memory card… So… That went great. Similarly to my Super Mario Bros story, I am now Very Good at not dying in Legend of Legaia. After around the 30th hour mark in the game (99:99:99 time on the poor console that couldn’t be turned off, lest I lose my progress), I decided it was probably time to go buy a memory card… I bought one with 15 slots on it and literally all of them are Legend of Legaia saves. Most important item in my posession? Possibly.

Skip forward to 17 years old me and let me summarize it in one abbreviation: WoW. That was my main introduction to the world of PC games, which stuck with me for a number of years, letting me enjoy both high end PvE and high end PvP as a very stubborn holy priest.

I still love both console games and PC games (and mobile games, cause apparently parenting while being a full time student is time-consuming).

Moving on to actually relevant content for this portfolio, I always found great interest in the thought of being part of developing games myself too. I would love nothing more than to give players an immersive experience into which they can get lost, challenge themselves and possibly even find a new sense of self, through living out their fantasies to their hearts desire; much like I did through my favorite games when growing up. Whether this comes in the form of rpgs, fps games, puzzles, racers, zombie apocalypses or whatever else, I’m here for all of it and I want to make content that really get to the player and gives them the best possible gaming experience.